Podcast: Talking NFTs and Grift with Neil Turkewitz & David Lowery

In this episode, I talk to artists’ rights activists Neil Turkewitz and David Lowery about the scope and nature of fraud in the NFT trade–and why NFTs are yet another false promise to help independent artists in the digital age. 

Read Neil Turkewitz’s interview with artist bor, a member of the activist group @NFTTheft, and read his follow-up piece about the scope of fraud on the site OpenSea.

Read David Lowery’s post about the HitPiece NFT ripoff

Read Aaron Moss’s post about HitPiece at CopyrightLately.

Check out Molly White’s blog Web3 is going just great.

And because it came up in discussion, one Cambridge University study finds that mining Bitcoin uses 121.36 terrawatt-hours per year–or more than the nation of Argentina.

Jonathan Mann weighs in.

Photo source by: inmicco

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