Required Viewing: Carole Cadwalladr on Facebook, Brexit, and the Destruction of Democracy

Remember when it was considered axiomatic to call the internet is the greatest gift to democracy in history? Not so much …

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machine reading

Is “Machine Learning” Copying or Reading?

I recently attended a round-table discussion on the subject of artificial intelligence and copyright.  The first of several engaging topics I thought warranted a post […]

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“The internet has failed.”

T Bone Burnett has chosen to remove the video of his excellent keynote address at SXSW 2019 but has graciously made the text available to […]

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The Internet is Not (and never was) Paradise

I was reading an editorial the other day written by Stephen Witt for NPR shortly after the passing of John Parry Barlow in 2018; and […]

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Maybe the Internet IS Just a Dumb Pipe

“Content is king” was the catch-phrase of the 1990s and the heady (headless really) days of the Dot Com bubble.  And although that stopped being […]

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