Google v. Oracle III – Popularity Does Not Overturn Copyright

Looking at Google v. Oracle as a consumer and citizen, common sense insists upon a measure of skepticism in response to the premise that the “future of […]

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DMCA Review Begins. Watch the Red Flag.

Early last week, the Senate Judiciary Committee held the first in what will be a year-long series of hearings (roughly one per month) to review […]

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Appendix I to DMCA 2020: Section 512 “Safe Harbor” Conditions

May people know that online service providers are shielded from liability for copyright infringement by their users, meaning that a court will, on summary judgment, […]

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With Super Bowl Complaint, Graham Misunderstands Exploitation

Because I defend the principles of copyright, I write a lot about the value of creative expression and the author’s right to choose how that […]

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Sen. Wyden Town Hall, Newberg, OR

With Friends Like Wyden … Creators Have a Problem

Anyone who is consistently engaged on copyright issues is used to hearing the rhetoric from the major critics, who say things like We support creators while they […]

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