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Pardon Our Appearance – “Guest Post” by Helena Handbasket

David knows of course that it is the start of a new year—a time when one is expected to write some kind of review of […]

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Want a Career as an Anti-Copyright Zealot?

Found this … 🙂 Posted for the purpose of satire. Any resemblance to actual persons or entities you may know is both intentional and entirely […]

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The Cox $1 Billion Copyright Damage Award is Not as Big as You Think

When it was announced last week that a jury awarded the major record labels a one billion-dollar-damage award in its copyright infringement case against COX […]

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Google v. Oracle Part I: Or Why You Really Don’t Have to Know WTF an API Is

I freely admit that one reason I procrastinated when it came to digging into Oracle v. Google (now Google v. Oracle) is the fact that this nine-year […]

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Announced Departure of Register Temple Provokes Tired Anti-Copyright Rhetoric

I know it seems like we have ample government shenanigans to watch on TV right now, but in case you missed the real barn-burner yesterday, […]

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