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What Happens When the Biggest Troll on Twitter is the President?

This week, as Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey emerges a champion of truth in a world of truthiness, we must not lose sight of the fact […]

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Does Masnick Not Know That The Public Is Not An Online Service Provider?

Signaling one of the talking points I expect we’ll be seeing quite often as the DMCA fight brews—and it is brewing—Mike Masnick and others have […]

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Copyright Office opines on National Emergency Library. Critics opine on Copyright Office.

On April 16, Senator Udall (NM) wrote a letter asking the U.S. Copyright Office to provide Congress with guidance on the role of libraries and […]

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Copyright Troll Smackdown Reveals Need for CASE ACT

The wicked deeds of the infamous copyright troll have been cited among the excuses to reject many proposed improvements for copyright enforcement in the digital […]

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Georgia v. Public Resource: Much Ado About Very Little

I was on the fence with regard to commenting on Georgia v. Public Resource. Its details are arcane, rather dull, and, despite rising to the level […]

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