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DMCA Review II – Looking to foreign jurisdictions, when some answers are already here.

As we batten down the hatches to weather the present storm, streaming entertainment enters the foreground of our new and temporary reality in which we […]

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EFF Hits New Low in Response to Child Sexual Abuse Online

According to a September 2019 story in the New York Times, the volume of online content described as “child sexual abuse material” grew from 3,000 reports […]

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Google v. Oracle Part V: The Where Would You Be Without Us Defense

Not everyone agrees that copyright law has a natural-rights soul, but neither critics nor proponents dispute that copyright’s heart is to provide incentive for authors. […]

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Google v. Oracle: Copyright Thought Leaders Dismantle Pro-Google Arguments (Guest Post)

Editor’s Note: Thirty-two amicus briefs were filed with the Supreme Court in support of Oracle in Google v. Oracle. Among these was one written by […]

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Google v. Oracle IV: Fair use & the difference between new and transformative.

Although it has been my intention to write about Google v. Oracle serially, addressing the legal questions in more or less in the order they […]

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