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Online Copyright Enforcement Is Not Just About “Artists”

Most conversations (i.e. arguments) about copyright tend to revolve around artists in the traditional sense—musicians, authors, filmmakers, photographers, etc.—wanting to make a living from their […]

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Fair Use Error in Seuss/Trek Mash-Up Case Not Good for Small Creators

In order for copyright law to work for all the Whos in Whoville—the small and the tall—legal reasoning must apply equally whether the plaintiffs are major […]

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Crying Wolf in the Section 230 Debate

After the 2016 election and news began to break about the amount of fake information and manipulative content that was being financed by various parties, […]

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What Netflix’s ‘The Great Hack’ Gets Right

I’ll tell the story again.  This blog began the day a friend of mine—a very smart one—shared an article on Facebook that was patently untrue.  When I […]

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The People the CASE Act Critics Don’t Want to Mention

“We are all authors now.”  This has long been a talking point of anti-copyright organizations.  I have credited it to Gigi Sohn, co-founder and former […]

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