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Google v. Oracle Part II: Copyrightability and Contortionism

As noted in Part I, there are a lot of moving parts to this story that cannot be addressed in a single post; but the […]

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Senator Wyden Needs to See the Bigger Picture in the Small-Claim Copyright Bill

In 1990, the Port of Portland received a new container crane—the largest available at the time—built by Hyundai Heavy in Seoul.  When the crane arrived, balanced […]

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Don’t Start Copyright Battles You Don’t Understand

Every once in a while, a copyright litigation story makes a fine cautionary tale for users of social platforms, and this is true partly because […]

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Pardon Our Appearance – “Guest Post” by Helena Handbasket

David knows of course that it is the start of a new year—a time when one is expected to write some kind of review of […]

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Want a Career as an Anti-Copyright Zealot?

Found this … 🙂 Posted for the purpose of satire. Any resemblance to actual persons or entities you may know is both intentional and entirely […]

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