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Copyright Advocacy in Turbulent Times

It is admittedly difficult, maybe even a bit ridiculous, to think about a policy matter as arcane as copyright law when the headline story of […]

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To Parler or Not to Parler: It’s About the Money Stupid

When I first learned about Parler, my immediate, half-joking, comment was that it would make the FBI’s job easier. To the extent that could be […]

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On the Post Hoc Deplatforming of Trump

I guess this is the digital-age equivalent of defenestration:  rather than an authoritarian getting thrown out a window, he gets thrown off Twitter. And now […]

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Senate Judiciary Committee Releases DMCA Discussion Draft

Shortly before Christmas, the Senate Judiciary Committee released the discussion draft of a bill to amend the copyright law, primarily the sections known as the […]

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Section 230 and Trump’s Legislative Circus

As has been widely reported, the law called Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (1996) has featured in a political cacophony that has been […]

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