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Petitioner Asks SCOTUS to Hear ReDigi Case

A new business called OmniQ has filed an amicus brief urging the Supreme Court to grant cert in ReDegi v. Capitol Records, alleging that the Second […]

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Flipping the Narrative on the Effects of Social Media

Many years ago while still in college, I was on the train to New York City—a beautiful ride along the eastern banks of the Hudson […]

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Masnick Calls CASE a Big Media Bill?

From the Techdirt Sycophants Department In his post of May 28, Mike Masnick dutifully opened his hymnal and joined the chorus in a rendition of […]

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Has the Server Rule Reached its End of Service Date?

“Solicitude for certain current Internet practices fails to acknowledge the troubling effect the server rule has had on creators and copyright owners, particularly photographers, whose […]

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The Pelosi “drunk” video is not only disturbing, it’s probably illegal.

There should be little doubt that the video clip doctored to make Speaker Pelosi look drunk should be seen as a sign of new hazards […]

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