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Thank You, Christopher Dickey

Yesterday, the world lost one of the great journalists, and great human beings, who have shaped our thinking in the last half century. American correspondent […]

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Allen v. Cooper Revisited: Part II – That Damned Eleventh Amendment

(NOTE: This post relies on information presented in Part I.) In my first post in this series, I tried to summarize (albeit in nearly 3,000 […]

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Class Action © Suit Against YouTube is a BIG Friggin’ Deal

When Viacom et al, in 2014, settled their copyright infringement suit against YouTube, that outcome had significant consequences for millions of independent creators. For one […]

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Coronavirus Exposes Big Tech’s Big Bad Ideas for Artists

Emergencies have a way of shining a bright light on flawed thinking and dumb ideas. The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed latent, and embarrassing, American weaknesses, […]

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Did Social Platforms Really Find a Moral Compass?

In 2012, I wrote a post called In Defense of (a little) Elitism, which was naturally criticized by some in the tech-utopian world for being, […]

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