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When Fair Use Threatens the Derivative Works Right

At the same AI and copyright round-table referred to in my last post, Stephen Carlisle of Nova Southeastern University posed this question:  Is the application […]

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Update: Cy Pres & SCOTUS

Last October I reported that the Supreme Court granted cert in a case that might have led to a decision regarding complaints that cy pres […]

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Courts Being Led Down Rabbit Hole in Photograph Copyright Case

Oral arguments were presented this week at the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in the case of Brammer v. Violent Hues Productions, Ltd.  I first […]

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“The internet has failed.”

T Bone Burnett has chosen to remove the video of his excellent keynote address at SXSW 2019 but has graciously made the text available to […]

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Don’t Blame Internet Culture on Copyright

In response to a recent social media dustup, Mike Masnick writes on Techdirt, “…we’ve got quite a story today about how copyright is a total […]

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