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About That McCloskey Photo

There are a lot of posts going around lately about that photo. You know the one. It depicts St. Louis attorneys Mark and Patricia McCloskey […]

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The Biden Administration Should Avoid Past Mistakes on Cyber Policy

As thoughts turn to transition and, with any luck, healing divisions, the Biden-Harris administration should avoid any temptation to repeat mistakes made by the Obama […]

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Google v. Oracle XI: Going In Circles at Oral Arguments

On October 7, the Supreme Court finally heard oral arguments in the decade-long copyright software slugfest Google v. Oracle. Thomas Goldstein represented Google, Joshua Rosenkranz […]

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Lemley Proposes Copyright Term Limit Disguised as Fair Use

Welcome to Professor Lemley’s Home for Wayward Works. Formerly known as the Asylum for Orphan Works, but we really prefer not to use the O-word […]

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So Much Section 230 Noise, So Little Time to Waste

Just a few years ago, it would have been damn hard to find a random citizen who had even heard of Section 230 of the […]

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