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Did Social Platforms Really Find a Moral Compass?

In 2012, I wrote a post called In Defense of (a little) Elitism, which was naturally criticized by some in the tech-utopian world for being, […]

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Allen v. Cooper Revisited Part I: State of Play

Ever since the case Allen v. Cooper first appeared on my radar, and especially after the Supreme Court handed down its decision in late March, […]

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What the Age of the “Hack” Teaches Us About Copyright Terms

(Originally published at Copyright Alliance as part its “Secret History of Copyright” series of blogs.) “Students of the nineteenth-century drama come sooner or later to […]

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Section 230 Review: Right Topic, Wrong Administration

I think Senator Blumenthal summed it up about right, as he was quoted in this week in the Wall Street Journal: “I’ve certainly been one […]

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Internet Archive Will Lose Big In Suit With Publishers

There is one consistent flaw inherent to most anti-copyright agendas. Because so many contemporary theories and attitudes tilting against copyright are largely predicated on the […]

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