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Has the Server Rule Reached its End of Service Date?

“Solicitude for certain current Internet practices fails to acknowledge the troubling effect the server rule has had on creators and copyright owners, particularly photographers, whose […]

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The Pelosi “drunk” video is not only disturbing, it’s probably illegal.

There should be little doubt that the video clip doctored to make Speaker Pelosi look drunk should be seen as a sign of new hazards […]

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Did the Internet Get Worse, or Were You Not Paying Attention?

In Response to Angela Watercutter’s Grumpy Cat Article at Wired Dear Angela: First, forgive me for taking a bit too seriously your lighthearted article of […]

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Moderation in all things. Except perhaps social media.

Is it just me, or have the digital rights folks lately shifted the narrative on the subject of platform responsibility and content moderation?  Where once they […]

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Public Knowledge wants to solve the misinformation problem? That’s adorable.

On Tuesday, Meredith Filak Rose of Public Knowledge posted a blog suggesting that a solution to rampant misinformation is to “bring libraries online.” Not surprisingly, she […]

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