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Reviewing the Basics of the CASE Act

This week, the Copyright Alternative in Small-Claim Enforcement (CASE Act) will very likely pass the House.  Like a quiet tidepool of bipartisanship in otherwise raging waters, […]

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Carrie Goldberg’s “Nobody’s Victim”: Cyber-Policy is Not an Abstraction

During an exchange on this blog in 2014 with an individual named Anonymous—it must have been a very popular baby name at some point—I was […]

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Google-Funded Groups Determined to Sink the CASE Act

A recent anti-CASE Act post by Daniel Takash of the Niskanen Center once again demonstrates why the tentacles of Google-funded “think tanks,” are the informational […]

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Copyright and the Speech Right: Are They in Conflict?

It remains a popular talking point among copyright skeptics to say that copyright limits free speech.  When this refrain was played a little over a week […]

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Trump Jr. Blasting Silicon Valley Is Unhelpful

In an op-ed for The Hill published on September 30, Donald Trump, Jr. rails against the power of the major internet platforms, saying that “free speech is […]

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