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Don’t Blame Internet Culture on Copyright

In response to a recent social media dustup, Mike Masnick writes on Techdirt, “…we’ve got quite a story today about how copyright is a total […]

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Busy Copyright Week Update

Though most people can be forgiven for missing it, two Supreme Court Decisions and a District Court granting a motion for summary judgment made a […]

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The Internet is Not (and never was) Paradise

I was reading an editorial the other day written by Stephen Witt for NPR shortly after the passing of John Parry Barlow in 2018; and […]

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Fair Use Week Again. But Why?

Well, it’s Fair Use Week again.  Sixth annual.  I suppose one must say something.  Though what I really want to say is Why?  What exactly […]

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Maybe the Internet IS Just a Dumb Pipe

“Content is king” was the catch-phrase of the 1990s and the heady (headless really) days of the Dot Com bubble.  And although that stopped being […]

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