Editor’s Note

Call me a curmudgeon, and you’ll get little argument from those who know me best, but it’s us curmudgeons who often serve as ballast in a world trying all too hard to capsize itself in ebullient folly.  I don’t hate technology — not by a long shot.  My first love is filmmaking, and almost all filmmakers are gadget geeks at heart.  Still, even that world has been buffeted by the constant mandate of technology manufacturers to keep “innovating” while we users of those products try to adapt everything from budgeting to distribution with each changing paradigm. Every time some new toy comes along purporting to be the next thing, I remind myself and others of the days in the mid-1990s when Sony announced that “DigiBeta would replace film.”  Today of course, much digital tech has replaced much film (for better or worse), but I think you can probably pick up a DigiBeta camera on eBay for five bucks and a six pack if you want one.

After almost 20 years of working in corporate communications for many clients of every size, I am now writing and developing theatrical film projects, and information about that work will be posted on my personal blog, www.davidnewhoff.com.  As an artist, a writer, and a professional in the field of communications, I have always been fascinated by broad subjects related to human psychology, politics, epistemology, history, and of course the matter of whether we’re using technology or it’s using us.

In the last year or so, I began thinking about a project that would investigate the matter of how well we’ve lived up to the highest aims of the digital age.  I considered a documentary film, a book, and even just building a yurt somewhere, going entirely off-grid, and ignoring the whole thing.  But I’m all about modern plumbing, and I realized that there are many smart people out there with really interesting things to say on these subjects — more than I could ever hope to cram into a documentary film.  And so, The Illusion of More as a blog site, was born.  It is my sincere hope that this is not the platform for one man’s opinions, but a forum for discussion.