Rockin’ in the Free(booting) World: Neil Young v. Trump for America

Recent reports that Neil Young is no longer asking or insisting that the Trump campaign stop using his music, but is instead suing Trump for […]

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Class Action © Suit Against YouTube is a BIG Friggin’ Deal

When Viacom et al, in 2014, settled their copyright infringement suit against YouTube, that outcome had significant consequences for millions of independent creators. For one […]

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Coronavirus Exposes Big Tech’s Big Bad Ideas for Artists

Emergencies have a way of shining a bright light on flawed thinking and dumb ideas. The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed latent, and embarrassing, American weaknesses, […]

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With Super Bowl Complaint, Graham Misunderstands Exploitation

Because I defend the principles of copyright, I write a lot about the value of creative expression and the author’s right to choose how that […]

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Don’t Start Copyright Battles You Don’t Understand

Every once in a while, a copyright litigation story makes a fine cautionary tale for users of social platforms, and this is true partly because […]

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