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Don’t Start Copyright Battles You Don’t Understand

Every once in a while, a copyright litigation story makes a fine cautionary tale for users of social platforms, and this is true partly because […]

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Music Modernization Act Passes Senate by Unanimous Consent

Well, at least bipartisanship still exists when it comes to protecting America’s music creators.  Late yesterday, the omnibus bill known as the Music Modernization Act […]

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The CLASSICS Act is Not a Reversal of Copyright Doctrine

As the world mourns the passing of Aretha Franklin, we need no further discussion about the value of recording artists. The anthem of a generation, […]

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Is the ACCESS Bill Mean-Spirited or Ill-Advised?

Last week, Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) suddenly—and I do mean suddenly—introduced a bill in the Senate that many of the usual copyright-haters are applauding as […]

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Jeers of a Clone: Doctorow Lies About the CLASSICS Act

If Cory Doctorow writes an article about copyright, “it’s only there trying to fool the public.” For instance, his recent missive about the CLASSICS Act […]

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