DMCA Review Begins. Watch the Red Flag.

Early last week, the Senate Judiciary Committee held the first in what will be a year-long series of hearings (roughly one per month) to review […]

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Appendix I to DMCA 2020: Section 512 “Safe Harbor” Conditions

May people know that online service providers are shielded from liability for copyright infringement by their users, meaning that a court will, on summary judgment, […]

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With Super Bowl Complaint, Graham Misunderstands Exploitation

Because I defend the principles of copyright, I write a lot about the value of creative expression and the author’s right to choose how that […]

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The Precarious Politics of Reigning in Silicon Valley

As our attention turned to concerns about disinformation, hate speech, and data security after the 2016 election, it became clear that the big cyber policy […]

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Sen. Wyden Town Hall, Newberg, OR

With Friends Like Wyden … Creators Have a Problem

Anyone who is consistently engaged on copyright issues is used to hearing the rhetoric from the major critics, who say things like We support creators while they […]

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