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  • Creator Spotlight with Ruth Vitale, CEO of CreativeFuture June 10, 2021
    This week we’d like to introduce you to the CEO of CreativeFuture, Ruth Vitale. 1. Please share some information about CreativeFuture and your role as CEO with the organization. CreativeFuture […] The post Creator Spotlight with Ruth Vitale, CEO of CreativeFuture appeared first on Copyright Alliance.
  • Nine Influential LGBTQ+ Artists You Should Know June 8, 2021
    The creative arts offer individuals a voice to showcase their unique experiences while navigating the complex world we live in. And for the LGBTQ+ community, art and creativity are particularly […] The post Nine Influential LGBTQ+ Artists You Should Know appeared first on Copyright Alliance.
  • The American Law Institute Proceeds with its Misstatement of Copyright Project June 2, 2021
    Next week, sections of the American Law Institute’s (ALI) Copyright Restatement will be offered for approval for the first time at the ALI’s annual membership meeting. If approved by the […] The post The American Law Institute Proceeds with its Misstatement of Copyright Project appeared first on Copyright Alliance.

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  • 8 Great Pandemic-Era Productions that Redefined What Theater Can Be June 9, 2021
    A shining semblance of normalcy appears to be returning after many, many months of darkness. In the theater world, that darkness has been literal, with companies shuttered and in-person productions at a veritable standstill. But the show must go on, and the brilliantly creative theater community found ways to adapt – as brilliant creatives are... […]
  • Anatomy of a Movie: Cruella May 27, 2021
    On May 26, 2021, Disney, CreativeFuture, and the Motion Picture Association, in collaboration with the Creative Rights Caucus, hosted a special conversation with the creatives behind the Disney film Cruella. Moderated by CreativeFuture CEO Ruth Vitale, the conversation featured Production Designer Fiona Crombie and Editor Tatiana Riegel. Congresswoman Judy Chu, Co-Chair of the Creative Rights... […]
  • 7 Forms of Piracy You Probably Aren’t Considering May 26, 2021
    Another World IP Day – the annual celebration of intellectual property in all its forms – has come and gone. It offers an excellent reminder that intellectual property theft comes in many forms and that we shouldn’t forget about the lesser-known variations of piracy that fly under the radar. The digital theft of movies, television... […]

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  • The Ins and Outs, the Good and the Bad, of The Mechanical Licensing Collective May 13, 2021
    The Mechanical Licensing Collective is here. Created by the Music Modernization Act, the MLC is designed to act as a clearinghouse and payment processor for digital streaming royalties. The good news for songwriters is that you’re going to get paid, where you probably weren’t before. The bad news is you have to do this yourself. […]
  • The Supreme Court Opinion in Google v. Oracle: The Fair Use Mess? Still a Mess April 8, 2021
    The copyright “case of the century” is now over. You would hope that after two trips to the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit and now the Supreme Court of the United States we would have a much clearer picture of what is fair use and what is not. Unfortunately, that is not the […]
  • Dr. Seuss and the Right to “Unpublish” March 18, 2021
    The decision of Dr. Seuss Enterprises to no longer publish six books of the renowned children’s author created quite the controversy. But more bizarrely, this event caused the anti-copyright crowd to leap into action. They again suggested that DSE should not be allowed to “unpublish” the works, again pushing for the proposition that such a […]

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  • ‘Web Sheriff’ Targets URLs With Overbroad Takedown Notices June 13, 2021
    Anti-piracy outfit Web Sheriff is somewhat of an icon in the copyright protection industry. The company has protected rightsholders for over two decades and has seen many piracy platforms gone and gone. However, Sheriffs can make mistakes too, and flagging several Ubuntu URLs as copyright-infringing content, seems to fall in that category. From: TF, for […]
  • WhatsApp Does Not Have To Immediately Suspend Accounts Reported For Piracy June 12, 2021
    Last month the High Court in Delhi ordered WhatsApp to suspend accounts that allegedly shared a pirated movie. The Court also told WhatsApp to take similar action against other accounts following demands from a copyright holder. While WhatsApp did suspend accounts, the company has now convinced the Court that due to end-to-end encryption, copyright holders […]
  • Wormhole: Instant Encrypted File-Sharing Powered by WebTorrent June 11, 2021
    Wormhole is a browser-based tool that allows people to instantly share files with end-to-end encryption. The service uses WebTorrent under the hood and is free to use. BitTorrent will speed up transfers but people are not required to keep their browser windows open if files are smaller than five gigabytes. From: TF, for the latest […]