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  • Creator Spotlight with Composer/Musician Ernie Mansfield September 21, 2021
    This week we would like to introduce you to Composer and Musician Ernie Mansfield. What was the inspiration behind becoming a creator? What do you enjoy most about the creative process? […] The post Creator Spotlight with Composer/Musician Ernie Mansfield appeared first on Copyright Alliance.
  • Latinx Heritage Month: A Community Worth Celebrating September 16, 2021
    From September 15 to October 15, the U.S. celebrates the Latinx community’s history, culture, and contributions to the country. The celebration initially began in 1968. However, at the time it […] The post Latinx Heritage Month: A Community Worth Celebrating appeared first on Copyright Alliance.
  • Creator Spotlight with Author Ivelisse Rodriguez September 14, 2021
    This week we would like to introduce you to Author Ivelisse Rodriguez. What was the inspiration behind becoming a creator? What do you enjoy most about the creative process? In […] The post Creator Spotlight with Author Ivelisse Rodriguez appeared first on Copyright Alliance.

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  • How to Mislead Congress and Shirk Civic Duty September 15, 2021
    Are you a Big Tech tycoon who just found yourself in the crosshairs of another pesky federal investigation? Having trouble mastering those perfectly polite yet completely opaque statements for your Congressional hearing? Or perhaps your fibs about your toxic business model have started to lose some of their luster on the witness stand, and it’s... […]
  • The Unlikely Fortune 500 Companies Fueling Piracy September 8, 2021
    For piracy to flourish, it requires more than crafty criminals and willing users. And its impact goes well beyond the harm it does to creators. Content theft is a $2.34 billion criminal ecosystem that mirrors the legitimate world of Netflix, Hulu, and Apple+. None of this is a shock to those that track piracy. But... […]
  • The (Facebook) Plot (to Normalize Harms) Against America August 25, 2021
    In April, Facebook was outed by Business Insider for leaking data from 533 million profiles to a hacker website. In crisis mode, the company sprang into action. Facebook immediately assumed complete responsibility for the disaster and executed a strong and effective action plan to mitigate damage and keep its users safe. 😂 We almost had... […]

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  • Doing the Sovereign Immunity Shuffle: Inside the Copyright Office Report on State Infringements September 2, 2021
    In the case of Allen v. Cooper, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that the State of North Carolina had sovereign immunity from liability for copyright infringement lawsuits, and that Congress’ attempt to remove that immunity was unconstitutional. However, the Court did suggest that Congress could fashion a remedy based upon a legislative […]
  • Warhol v. Goldsmith: Court of Appeals “Rolls Back the Tide” on the “High Water Mark” of Transformative Use August 27, 2021
    On August 24, 2021, The Second Circuit Court of Appeals released its second opinion in the case of Andy Warhol Foundation v. Goldsmith. It not only boldly affirmed its prior ruling in March of 2021, it flatly refuted the notion that the Supreme Court’s decision in Google v. Oracle had any impact on the case. […]
  • Can You Infringe on an Infringement? August 12, 2021
    An interesting story popped up last week. It seems an eagle-eyed reader noticed some great similarities between the gay erotic novel “Paid to Kneel” by Romilly King and a similar story posted on the internet. While the comparisons posted by the reader on Twitter are hard to read, it does seem like there was extensive […]

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  • Michelle’s Country Music Murals: An Update September 20, 2021
    Some readers may recall two blogposts (Mural, Mural on the Wall and Were They Commissioned, One and All?) that I wrote a couple of years ago about muralist Michelle Loughery and her copyright dispute with the Merritt Walk of Stars Society. The disagreement was over who held the copyright to a series of murals that […]
  • Some Reflections on What Can—and Cannot—Be Protected by Copyright September 14, 2021
    My wife was flexing her wrist, extending her forefinger and manipulating her thumb, following the instructions on the sheet in front of her that the physiotherapist had provided. She (my wife that is) had broken her wrist a few weeks earlier, in an unfortunate fall. With neither of us having ever broken a bone before, […]
  • John Degen’s Twitter Broadside on the Access Copyright v York University Copyright Case: Right Message; Wrong Target? September 2, 2021
    John Degen is Executive Director of the Writers’ Union of Canada. I don’t know Mr. Degen nor have I ever met him but I do know that he is a passionate defender of the interests of authors, as well as being a successful published novelist and poet himself. Recently Mr. Degen published a very long, […]

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  • Appeals Court Revives Canadian Reverse Class Action Against BitTorrent Pirates September 21, 2021
    Canada's Federal Court of Appeals has revived a reverse class-action lawsuit from Voltage Pictures, which plans to go after alleged BitTorrent pirates. The lower court rejected this approach, as it would not suitable for file-sharing cases, but in a unanimous decision, the Court of Appeals sees things differently. From: TF, for the latest news on […]
  • Virgin Media Subscribers Told to Pay “Thousands of Pounds” to Settle Piracy Lawsuits September 20, 2021
    Virgin Media subscribers receiving letters accusing them of movie piracy may find that settling their cases will be a costly affair. TorrentFreak understands that settlement demands run to several thousand pounds, a massive uplift on the several hundred usually requested in similar cases. Interestingly, however, some subscribers could be immune from being sued. From: TF, […]
  • U.S. Copyright Holders Want Tougher Anti-Piracy Measures in China September 20, 2021
    The IIPA, which represents the MPA, RIAA, and other entertainment industry groups, would like China to take a stand against online piracy. This includes targeting pirate sites and apps. In addition, the Chinese government should encourage technology giant Baidu to take more responsibility by applying rigorous filtering technology and terminating repeat infringers. From: TF, for […]