The Online Advertising Market with Andrew Orlowski (Podcast)

I haven’t done a podcast in a while but decided to reach out to technology writer Andrew Orlowski after reading his article Alphabetti Spaghetti:  What Wall Street isn’t telling you about Google.  Andrew is the executive editor of the IT news and opinion publication The Register, a critic of techno-utopianism, and coiner of the term “Googlewashing” to describe either purposeful or inadvertent censorship through search result rankings.

Andrew and I talk about trouble in the online advertising market, broader economic issues, and the politics behind the technologies we use.  I spoke to him at his home in the UK via Skype.

David Newhoff
David is an author, communications professional, and copyright advocate. After more than 20 years providing creative services and consulting in corporate communications, he shifted his attention to law and policy, beginning with advocacy of copyright and the value of creative professionals to America’s economy, core principles, and culture.

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