Newsweek Goes Digital Only

This week, Newsweek announced that the final print edition of the 80 year-old magazine would appear this coming December 31.  This site launched with an interview with Newsweek veteran Christopher Dickey, who writes this morning, “Digital does not mean dead.  Far from it.” Read his post on Shadowland Journal.

I remember the proclamation “paper is dead” being echoed almost immediately after we tried email for the first time.  While that prediction didn’t exactly hold true, one could imagine that the print component of news organizations would inevitably become a cost that was out of synch with the way most people would consume news.  My hope is that readers continue to place value on the real investment these organizations make in experienced professionals who do the investigation and reporting. Above all, as the digital world has exploded the notion how we define news, these professionals, regardless of the tools they employ, maintain traditional standards that must be preserved.

Best of luck to the men and women of Newsweek and The Daily Beast.

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