Talking Branded Entertainment with Filmmaker Amy French (Podcast)

Photo by ponsulak Pond 5.

There are a lot theories and a lot of experimentation with regard to independent filmmaking, the digital age, and the prospects for redefining the ways in which filmed entertainment can be funded by sponsors and distributed over the web.  I thought it would be interesting to talk to Amy French, an old friend who is a writer, filmmaker, and actress who has experience in the world of traditional TV commercials, in independent feature filmmaking, and is now working in the world of branded entertainment. Amy and her colleagues just released her first project in this format — a humorous mockumentary style  series for California brand Umami Burger. You can watch Episode 1 of “The Fifth Feeling” below and watch the rest of the series at

I spoke to Amy in Los Angeles via Skype.  See podcast player below.

For more information about Amy and her work, visit

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