Can We Auto-Correct Humanity? by Prince EA

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  • Says the man with:

    341,604 subscribers on youTube.
    3,693 followers on Soundcloud
    1.7 MILLION followers on facebook.
    2,172 followers on Google+

    Music on iTunes, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, a professionally made website with his own merch store…

    Yes, people should use technology as a tool to enhance THEIR lives, how they do that is up to them. No different that “TV will rot your brain”.

    Be courteous of those around you and enjoy life in whatever way you prefer.

    • So as a successful musician you’re not allowed to offer social critique?

      How does having music for sale on Itunes or bandcamp have anything to do with spending less time looking down at you your phone or on social media?

      It seems like you’re just looking for reasons to pick apart the video.

      • No, I am simply pointing out the irony of him using social media to push the idea that we are too connected via social media. That without social media and the connections he is lamenting, he would not have a platform with which to lament.

      • And he didn’t have a platform to lament from he wouldn’t have a lament.

  • Hmmm………totally agree with theangryvillager, the good life is about balance in accordance to each individual’s definition – personal contact is very meaningful to me, but I also value the connections facilitated by our technology. Time & place is key here – we recently had a visit from an old friend who spent most of the evening checking his phone which I felt was rude and partially ruined our time together, but I doubt he felt the same way (unless there’s an obsessive compulsive thing going on which he feels unable to control).

    • David Newhoff

      I’ve made great connections and reconnections through social media. I just thought it was a good bit of poetry. Like any other poetic work, I don’t think it’s meant to offer a final conclusion on some social behavior per se. And I certainly didn’t share it in that spirit. I do like its message of unplugging, looking up, remembering all five senses. But mostly, I think his wordplay is very good.

  • “I don’t wanna take pictures of my meals anymore, I’m just gonna eat them.” 🙂 made me smile.

    Thanks David, I enjoyed the poem.


  • Thanks so much for that! Truer words never spoken.

    I am pleased to know there are other humans out there who reject the hive mentality. My goal is to be the only American not on FB and/or twitter. Although it sometimes seems I am well on my way to achieving that goal, apparently I will have a bit of company, and that’s a good thing.

    We should use technology, not be used by it. And it’s not working out that way.

  • And I thought I was the only American not on FB and T. Yay! I have company. Even as an active recording artist I don’t use that social media. Every other musician I know says I should but my music has already found an audience all over the place and I’m content with that. Plus, I’m just not into using the social platforms as a way to promote my music – I feel “dirty” in doing that.

    • Steve Godfrey

      Ah, a kindred spirit, a neo-luddite 2.0 musician as it were. Same here. Ours streamed across the globe, and could have been more but anti-social media promotion comes at too high a price. We did have a youtube channel, but recently pulled that. Then took a shower.

      Just my two cent’s worth.

      (Wait. That’s around 30 free-tier streams on Spotify. Never mind. Can’t afford the two cents. Disregard the above.)

  • Use technology but don’t let technology use you. Can’t function unless you have the latest? Good chance technology is using you.

  • Prince EA has a great point and is just being realistic. Although social media and all these gadgets that have made accessing the Internet easy, can take us away sometimes from enjoying what is in front or around us. Like spending more time with our family and friends, being creative and using our imagination and creating those wonderful memories instead of reaching for that tablet, iPad, phone or other electronic device that tends to feel that we need to check our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or whatever other social media sites to feel updated or connected to the world. And no, we cannot auto-correct humanity, but we can do our best to spend less time on social media and more time with our loved ones. There is always time for social media, but the time we have with our family and friends should be cherished more than ever.

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