As DMCA Review Gets Real, Anti-Copyright Rhetoric Gets More Surreal

Among the reasons I defend copyright is that I firmly believe it is inadvertently one of the most profound expressions of democratic principles in the […]

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The Biden Administration Should Avoid Past Mistakes on Cyber Policy

As thoughts turn to transition and, with any luck, healing divisions, the Biden-Harris administration should avoid any temptation to repeat mistakes made by the Obama […]

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Class Action © Suit Against YouTube is a BIG Friggin’ Deal

When Viacom et al, in 2014, settled their copyright infringement suit against YouTube, that outcome had significant consequences for millions of independent creators. For one […]

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Appendix I to DMCA 2020: Section 512 “Safe Harbor” Conditions

May people know that online service providers are shielded from liability for copyright infringement by their users, meaning that a court will, on summary judgment, […]

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Don’t Start Copyright Battles You Don’t Understand

Every once in a while, a copyright litigation story makes a fine cautionary tale for users of social platforms, and this is true partly because […]

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