Copyright Troll Smackdown Reveals Need for CASE ACT

The wicked deeds of the infamous copyright troll have been cited among the excuses to reject many proposed improvements for copyright enforcement in the digital […]

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Sen. Wyden Town Hall, Newberg, OR

With Friends Like Wyden … Creators Have a Problem

Anyone who is consistently engaged on copyright issues is used to hearing the rhetoric from the major critics, who say things like We support creators while they […]

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CASE Act noise gets louder. And sillier.

After the CASE Act passed the House (410-6) on October 22 and moved onto the Senate, the various groups opposed to this copyright small-claim bill […]

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Reviewing the Basics of the CASE Act

This week, the Copyright Alternative in Small-Claim Enforcement (CASE Act) will very likely pass the House.  Like a quiet tidepool of bipartisanship in otherwise raging waters, […]

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Google-Funded Groups Determined to Sink the CASE Act

A recent anti-CASE Act post by Daniel Takash of the Niskanen Center once again demonstrates why the tentacles of Google-funded “think tanks,” are the informational […]

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