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Moderation in all things. Except perhaps social media.

Is it just me, or have the digital rights folks lately shifted the narrative on the subject of platform responsibility and content moderation?  Where once they […]

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Public Knowledge wants to solve the misinformation problem? That’s adorable.

On Tuesday, Meredith Filak Rose of Public Knowledge posted a blog suggesting that a solution to rampant misinformation is to “bring libraries online.” Not surprisingly, she […]

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CASE Act Introduced. Critics Spin Tales.

Last week, bills to create a new, small-claim copyright process were introduced in both the House and Senate.  Generally referred to by the House name […]

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Fourth Circuit in Brammer: A Win for Copyright Sanity. A Guide for Users of Works.

Visual artists should be very relieved by last week’s decision at the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, overturning the District Court’s finding of fair use […]

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Skin in the Game: World IP Day 2019

The theme of year’s World IP Day celebration is sports.  And although I’ve never been what you might call a major sports fan, it does […]

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