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Walt Whitman Championed Democracy and Fought for Copyright – Part II

(This post was first published as part of Copyright Alliance’s Secret History of Copyright Series) “This copyright bill is the doing as we would be […]

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So Long Facebook (Mostly)

At a recent gathering of college alumni, a friend asked, “Is it me, or are you less active on Facebook these days?”  He was right.  […]

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Article 11 of the EU Directive Should Not Be So Controversial

As many readers know, the EU has been considering various proposals to better protect copyright owners in the European digital market.  In all cases, proposed […]

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Streamlined 1201 Rule-Making Procedure & EFF’s Constitutional Challenge

In July of 2016, the Electronic Frontier Foundation filed a lawsuit alleging that Section 1201 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is unconstitutional.  More […]

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Will SCOTUS Close Cy Pres Loophole in Class Action Litigation?

Suppose there were a company whose minions went around whacking people in the head with two-by-fours.  Then, suppose that in response, the multiple victims of […]

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