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Show Me the Innovation

Now that the very early stages of copyright reform are underway with preliminary hearings on Capitol Hill, I think it’s worth revisiting the question as […]

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RIAA Takes on DMCA as Examination Looms

Yep.  I’ll throw myself on this grenade.  No problem.  Let me say at the outset that anyone who wants to bring up the RIAA lawsuits […]

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Discovered Wiener Paper Warns about Smart Machines

John Markoff, writing for The New York Times, reports on the discovery of a long lost paper by M.I.T mathematician Norbert Wiener.  Written more than […]

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Copyright Principles & Consensus?

Yesterday, the House Judiciary Committee held a hearing meant to lay some of the groundwork for overhauling copyright law in the United States.  The title […]

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Screenplays or Statistics – Can algorithms make hit films?

It’s taken me several days to gather my thoughts on the subject of computer algorithms being used to analyze screenplays for the right DNA that […]

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