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Online Piracy More Sophisticated and Insidious Than Ever

I haven’t written about enterprise scale piracy in a while. Not because it’s gone anywhere. Quite the contrary, it’s still growing. But it is easy […]

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Why Women Should Also Lead the Anti-Piracy Effort

In past articles I’ve suggested that anti-piracy should be a form of activism practiced by anyone who stands up for women’s rights. And perhaps now […]

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TorrentFreak Still Selling Piracy as Ideology

I guess it’s pick on Andy at TorrentFreak week.  (Sorry, Andy. ) But a recent blog of his titled No Level of Copyright Enforcement Will […]

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Study Shows Piracy Losing Premium Ad Revenue

Among the standard responses to any proposal to mitigate online piracy is an insistence that it just cannot be stopped.  Perhaps not entirely. But it […]

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Turkewitz: What to Make of “Unearthed” EU Piracy Study

Everybody loves a scandal, even though sometimes where there’s smoke there’s just more smoke.  German politician Julia Reda (MEP), the sole member of the Pirate […]

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