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Online Harassment & The Internet Experiment

In last weekend’s New York Times Magazine, staff writer Jenna Wortham asks Why Can’t Silicon Valley Fix Online Harassment? Citing some alarming statistics from a 2104 Pew Research study, she writes … “… 40 percent of adult internet users have … Continue reading

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Ad Hominem

First of all, I hate Twitter.  Not so much as a forum for sharing links to stories or the occasional witticism.  But as a platform for “arguing” a point of view, let’s be honest, it’s total crap.  140 characters to … Continue reading

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On @POTUS this Memorial Day

As this Memorial Day marks the end of the week in which President Obama christened the @POTUS handle on Twitter; and the pundits and the halfwits have all weighed in, with observations from the former and racist threats from the … Continue reading

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Periscope Piracy and the Tao of Tech Writers

Last December, a few glasses of Rioja and I wrote a pretty grumpy rebuttal to Washington Post tech writer Caitlin Dewey, accusing her of cheerleading for media piracy.  A few respondents, including Dewey herself, said that I was unfair, that … Continue reading

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Alabama Kicker Cade Foster Gets Death Tweets

It’s almost de rigueur at this point.  Somebody pisses off a group of people who reach for their keyboards and let slip the doggerel of wrath in the form of assault by Twitter.  This holiday weekend, the target of death … Continue reading

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