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Privacy-ish Concerns

This week, I paid a small fortune to have the instrument cluster replaced on my car, and the mechanic, sympathizing as I wincingly wrote out the check, said, “The days of mechanical failures are over.” By this he was of … Continue reading

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Want to Protect Speech? Strengthen Copyright

Following up on yesterday’s brief reference to Jaron Lanier’s editorial in the New York Times, we find the same theme echoed in this coverage by Emma Green at The Atlantic.  Green writes about an event at which authors E.L. Doctorow … Continue reading

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Privacy Concerns?

Just a quick post this morning regarding this story in yesterday’s New York Times about Google’s admission to violations of privacy as a component of its Street View project.  For those who haven’t followed this story, the crux of it … Continue reading

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Tuesday Tech Roundup

A weekly aggregation of tech stories of note December 11, 2012 Steam Without Boiling Water – Metallic nano particles can be used to produce steam using sunlight without raising the surrounding water to the boiling point. This has huge implications … Continue reading

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Talking TED – Ideas for Scaring

Consider this:  instead of an entrenched government fabricating an Orwellian state of fear in order to limit civil liberties, that it is in fact self-proclaimed rebels crying “freedom” who are using this very tactic to foster an agenda that is … Continue reading

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