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The Fake News Problem: It’s not them, it’s us.

via GIPHY (Okay, it’s a little bit them.) It’s kinda like on November 9th, everyone suddenly discovered that social media fosters a fake news problem. Well, better late than never I suppose, but just because the topic of fake news … Continue reading

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Are We Ruining Facebook with Politics?

Last week, Karol Markowicz, writing for The New York Post, said that we’re “ruining Facebook (and friendships) with political rants.”  Taking the position that Facebook is meant to be an environment for connecting with friends and family in traditionally gregarious … Continue reading

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Patent Hypocrisy Raises Privacy Concerns

A few posts ago, I reported that the major lobbying muscle in the Internet industry backs a patent “reform” bill (HR 9) called the Innovation Act. I argued in that post that while this reform claims to eliminate nuisance “patent … Continue reading

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Is Transparency Even Possible Anymore?

The other day, a meme was haunting my Facebook feed with a photo of Senator Elizabeth Warren and a quote attributed to her saying that the TPP negotiations are too secretive, even beyond the scrutiny of Congress.  Now, I really … Continue reading

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“Friends” and Politics

This article by Ann Friedman for New York Magazine begins by focusing on the presidential candidacy of Hillary Clinton as a polarizing force, even among likely political allies.  But Friedman’s point isn’t politics per se, it’s friendship.  Specifically, she offers thoughts … Continue reading

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