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Scholar Takes on Empiricist View of IP

Photo by porpeller Empirical evidence tells us that all human existence is a sand castle. At best, if no other cataclysm comes first (and one probably […]

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Can an AI Own a Copyright?

(Image source by kentoh) Remember Clippy?  He was the animated paper-clip assistant, who lived several years ago amid the code of Microsoft Office. He would pop […]

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Ninth Circuit Says VidAngel’s Wings Made of Wax

(Angel image by in8finity) “Drat! Phooey! Shucks!” must be what the folks at VidAngel are saying after this morning’s opinion was handed down by the Ninth […]

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We Are Far From Skokie:  Free Speech in Cyberspace

“I hate Illinois Nazis.”  – Jake Blues, The Blues Brothers (1980) I think my first introduction to the complexities of living in a nation with […]

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American Identity is in the Music

My generation was raised on Schoolhouse Rock!. As such, we were not only told that America is a Melting Pot but were reminded of this […]

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