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EFF Petition Language Used in Fake Emails to the FCC

Photo by Elnur It’s depressing how often one reads news that makes the United States seem as though we’re reliving the 19th century rather than an […]

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Can We Ever End Legalized Piracy?

Creators of every stripe must watch Miranda Mulholland’s May 24th speech delivered to the Economic Club of Canada.  The musician, composer, and label-owner, with nearly […]

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ReDigi Is Not About Consumer Rights

  Source photo by jgroup ReDigi is a business venture whose revenue model is based on brokering online transactions between sellers and buyers of “used” music […]

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Cyberattack Effect in China Reveals Flaw in Piracy Logic

This month, computers around the world fell victim to what experts have called the largest cyberattack on record. Known by its name “WannaCry,” the ransomware* […]

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Does Google Claim Some Invalid Copyrights?

Photo by Harrisr I assume it’s well understood by now that the biggest, corporate antagonist to intellectual property rights is Google. The company has backed an […]

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