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Think File Sharing is Sticking it to The Man? Really?

Back in the Napster days, I had an assistant named Greg, who remains one of the sweetest guys I’ve ever been lucky enough to call […]

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On Being a Luddite

If you say anything publicly critical of the Internet, there’s a good chance some technobrat on Twitter will call you a Luddite.  The simple irony […]

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What I’d tell my own kids about piracy. Why scarcity is a good thing.

The ongoing debate over copyright in the digital age is clouded by so many layers of new-age malarkey and overblown, political banner-waving that it’s easy […]

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Paying Attention to the Echo Chamber at CES Copyright Panel Discussion

“The Pirate Bay is speech.” This is a quote from one of the gurus perched on the mountaintop of techno-utopianism, John Perry Barlow, who appeared […]

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Thoughts on Leaked Steubenville Video

In response to the tragedy in Newtown, CT the idea was raised by news commentators and in the blogosphere that the names of people who […]

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