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Correction Re. TechDirt

In today’s post about transparency, I stated that TechDirt was among the blogs that criticized the appointment of Representative Lamar Smith as Chairman of the […]

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The Opaqueness of Transparency

It isn’t just perception.  Partisan politics in the U.S. really is worse than ever, if we’re to take the word of those who’ve been on […]

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Interview with Filmmaker Amy French on Branded Entertainment (Podcast)

There are a lot theories and a lot of experimentation with regard to independent filmmaking, the digital age, and the prospects for redefining the ways […]

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Pandora Isn’t Exactly Struggling

Yesterday, on Capitol Hill, the House Judiciary Committee held a hearing to discuss the Internet Radio Fairness Act, a bill largely backed by Pandora Media, […]

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Are digital-age tools creating more advertising-immune consumers?

I heard this statement on NPR last night about millenials and brands in context to food products, but it seems to be the prevailing wisdom […]

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