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Scott Turow “The Slow Death of the American Author”

This op-ed that appeared in yesterday’s New York Times is easily one of the best pieces I’ve read on both the cultural and financial dangers […]

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Homeless in the Shadow of Google

Take a look at this story from Bill Moyers about the population of homeless in Silicon Valley. Granted there are homeless in every community, but as the […]

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Playing Pirate with Chiat/Day

In my follow-up about Chiat/Day and the “Pirate Square” campaign, I suggested that the agency’s decision to produce the work was motivated by an opportunity […]

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Copyright is Anti-Civil Liberties?

Y’know, I try to have a calm, productive Monday morning and not let anything rustle my jimmies, and then somebody on Twitter posts an article by Rick Falkvinge. […]

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On Motivations, TBWAChiat/Day, and “Pirate Square”

There’s been a lot of speculation, including by me, on the question as to why TBWAChait/Day is the agency behind what is being called “Pirate […]

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