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Uncrumpling Policy Papers – The Khanna Memo

Are conservatives fixing to adopt a position that copyright is a “government handout?”   Maybe.  Here’s what happened over the weekend: The Republican Study Committee, which for […]

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Google Protects IP (its own)

  See story in The Daily Mail.        

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Special Event Offer for IOM Readers

Copyright and Technology 2012 Gotham Media Ventures is offering a discounted registration fee for readers of Illusion of More to attend the 3rd Annual Copyright […]

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Interview with Will Buckley (Podcast)

Beneath the roil of arguments about illegal downloading of digital media, there is an unmistakable social, dare I say ethical, implication to the idea that […]

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The Illusion of More Money

On the subject of more not always being all it’s cracked up to be, I think it took about thirty seconds after President Obama won […]

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