“Don’t Use Our Songs”

There was no way I could not share this. I recommend watching all the way through to the end.  Is the message entirely on solid ground copyright-wise?  Not quite.  Is the sentiment in the right place?  I think so.  And it’s funny as hell and includes a nice shout out to one of my favorite bands, The Dropkick Murphys.

Happy Monday.



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  • That was indeed LOL – thanks! But why aren’t the rights organizations able to levy a penalty? Despite our warnings, some clients (global insurance company) once used “My Way” at their annual meeting and got hit with $75k settlement. And, no, I didn’t report them.

    • David Newhoff

      In a nutshell, Rich, many of these uses should be covered by compulsory PRO licenses as long as those are paid. If a song is reused enough that it starts to become a theme song, the artist(s) might have claim that a candidate is infringing their right of publicity by implying endorsement. I’m guessing the insurance company you mentioned wasn’t covered by a PRO and didn’t check with the venue regarding coverage.

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