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ReDigi, Fair Use, and Libraries

Photo by author. In my last post, I opined that the fair use interests of librarians and educators are not necessarily aligned with for-profit business ventures seeking to exploit creative works in ways that can harm authors.  For instance, in … Continue reading

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The DOJ & Songwriters Simplified (mostly)

The performing rights organization (PRO) called ASCAP was formed on February 13, 1914 when a group of about 100 American composers met at the Hotel Claridge in New York City to create a mechanism for collecting “public performance” royalties.  The … Continue reading

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“Don’t Use Our Songs”

There was no way I could not share this. I recommend watching all the way through to the end.  Is the message entirely on solid ground copyright-wise?  Not quite.  Is the sentiment in the right place?  I think so.  And … Continue reading

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What Went Down at the DOJ 

“… last week a former Google lawyer at the DOJ anti-trust division against the recommendation of the US Copyright Office rammed through a 100% licensing rule that effectively brings the last of the “free” songwriters under the consent decree.”   … Continue reading

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R Street & Techdirt Dissing Prince

“R Street is a free-market think tank with a pragmatic approach to public policy challenges.”         — R Street About Page — If one is going to comment on public policy, then one ought to make an … Continue reading

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