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Fake News Tops Results After Las Vegas Shooting

On Monday, I was up early and first heard about the Las Vegas shooting on the radio in the car. It was still dark, and […]

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Sirius XM Takedown of Stern/Trump Interviews Is Not Censorship

The implication that copyright is fundamentally a tool of censorship is a favorite theme among its critics.  They rarely miss an opportunity to ring this […]

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Google Supports Child Slavery with Anti-SESTA Campaign?

That would be an incendiary claim, wouldn’t it? But let’s be honest. If a different industry (say the motion picture industry) were opposing the anti-trafficking […]

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Turkewitz: What to Make of “Unearthed” EU Piracy Study

Everybody loves a scandal, even though sometimes where there’s smoke there’s just more smoke.  German politician Julia Reda (MEP), the sole member of the Pirate […]

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Everything Online Cannot Be Speech:  The Equustek Story

Suppose you invent something.  A box that makes bitter vegetables taste like candy so kids will eat them. You call it KandyKale.  Then, along comes […]

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