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Why I’m Neutral (for now) on Net Neutrality

Let me start by saying I hate this issue. It’s exhausting to research and hardly a page-turner.  Still, I opened my big, cyber maw, suggesting […]

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Is a Revenge Porn Bill Next?

When nude photos of celebrities were leaked and distributed all over the internet in 2014, Jennifer Lawrence, as one of the victims, called it a […]

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Copyright Small Claims: A Solution for Many Creators

In my experience, the number-one complaint about contemporary copyright is that it is unenforceable in the digital age. Independent creators take one look at the […]

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Digital-Age Copyright:  Photographs and the News

You might think that among the most straightforward relationships between a user and a creator of a copyrighted work would be that of a news […]

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Really, DON’T Believe Anything You See on the Internet

When that cliché first entered our consciousness, it wasn’t really fair. The internet between the mid-90s and the mid-aughts wasn’t what it is today. It […]

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