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Taking a Serious Look at SESTA

Well, here we go. The internet industry, with its cortege of hyperventilating helpers, is shouting censorship at the prospect of passing Senate Bill 1693, known […]

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Spotify in Songwriters’ Crosshairs Again

In July, two new lawsuits were filed against the streaming service Spotify, alleging willful copyright infringement on a “staggering scale.”  Publisher Bluewater Music Services and […]

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Levine: How Google Money Really Influences Research

Last week, after antitrust scholar Barry Lynn praised the European Commission’s decision to fine Google for anti-competitive practices, his Open Markets program at the Google-backed […]

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Scholar Takes on Empiricist View of IP

Photo by porpeller Empirical evidence tells us that all human existence is a sand castle. At best, if no other cataclysm comes first (and one probably […]

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Can an AI Own a Copyright?

(Image source by kentoh) Remember Clippy?  He was the animated paper-clip assistant, who lived several years ago amid the code of Microsoft Office. He would pop […]

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