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Cruz Asks Zuckerberg the Section 230 Question

During Tuesday’s Joint Senate Committee hearing, as Mark Zuckerberg kept promising to take better control over content on Facebook, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) asked the […]

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Wrangling With the Facebook Problem

With Mark Zuckerberg set to testify today on Capitol Hill, and revelations last week that the Cambridge Analytica data breach is now estimated to have […]

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A Low-Tech Solution to the Russian Hack Problem

So, here’s my non-technological, non-regulatory, short-term solution for what we’ll generally call the Russian hack problem:  Share less. A lot less. If 100 million or […]

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Whatever the Response to the Facebook Fallout, Don’t Blame Copyright

Attorney and journalist Charles J. Glasser published an editorial  in The Daily Caller titled: Mind Manipulation? No, Censorship By Copyright is The REAL Threat to […]

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YouTube Bans Gun Videos. Raises Difficult Questions.

While Austin, TX was still searching for its serial bomber, various guests on CNN were of course speculating about the assailant’s level of expertise (perhaps […]

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