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Public Knowledge Twaddles Re. NAFTA Negotiations

Back in May, I reported that Cory Doctorow, “writing” for Boing Boing, literally invented a legislative process out of whole cloth in order to portray […]

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BMG Settles With Cox as Petitioner Asks Supreme Court to Interpret DMCA

On Saturday, Digital Music News reported that BMG Rights Management has reached a “substantial” settlement agreement with Cox Communications, thus ending a four-year legal battle […]

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Platform Responsibility? How about starting with legal content?

It may be hip these day to talk about platform responsibility, but just a couple years ago, there were no mainstream conversations about how the […]

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The CLASSICS Act is Not a Reversal of Copyright Doctrine

As the world mourns the passing of Aretha Franklin, we need no further discussion about the value of recording artists. The anthem of a generation, […]

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Zeynep Tufekci on how the idealism of social media went wrong

In a new, must-read article at MIT Technology review, Professor Zeynep Tufekci at the the University of North Carolina describes How social media took us […]

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