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FOSTA passes House. Internet should be broken any day now.

Is the internet broken yet? I suppose if you’re reading this, it isn’t. And if you’re not reading this, you’re looking at something else. On […]

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Important Win for Rights Holders in TVEyes v. Fox

In Monday’s post (and quite a few others) I stated that certain parties have worked very hard to distort the character of the fair use […]

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Happy Idea/Expression Dichotomy Week!

Today marks the start of the fifth annual Fair Use Week when library institutions, academics, and several anti-copyright organizations disseminate public-facing messages—from useful to whimsical—on […]

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A Tale of Two Links: The Goldman & Playboy Opinions (so far)

“…it was the age of wisdom…” Goldman v. Breitbart et al An opinion handed down last week by a New York district court marks a […]

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A Must-Read by Eduardo Porter on “Rents” in the Marketplace

This article specifically caught my attention because the term “rent seeking” has so frequently been misapplied to copyright. Interestingly enough, it is a term correctly […]

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