Talking Piracy with Musician Matthew Ebel (Podcast)

Changing the culture one fan at a time

Matthew Ebel would seem to be the living definition of the DIY digital artist.  With 10 albums full of satirical and thought-provoking songs, he writes, composes, and performs based out of his New Hampshire studio, where he also records a weekly live stream program attended by fans from around the U.S. and abroad.   “I’ve never even left North America,” he says, “but I have fans all over the world because of the Internet.”

Matthew’s strategy for forging a career in the age of file-sharing, torrents, and remixes is to do all he can to introduce his listeners to the man and the work behind the music.  Critical of both the traditional music industry and thoughtless file sharers, Matthew’s song The Last Pirate is what caught my attention and led me to ask him for this interview.

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