Talking Piracy with Dr. David Price (Podcast)

David Price Part I
David Price Part II

Last week, London-based NetNames released a report entitled Sizing the piracy universe, which reveals substantial evidence that piracy of entertainment media increased substantially over a 15-month period of study.  The author of that report is Dr. David Price, Director of Piracy and Counterfeit Analysis at NetNames. Dr. Price was kind enough to take about an hour of his time for a conversation via Skype.  We discussed the report itself, of course, but also other issues related to piracy and digital distribution opportunities and threats as well as a broader discussion as to why people might want to pay attention to this issue.  This is Part I of our discussion. Listen to Part II here.

Dr. David Price Bio

Dr David Price is  a leading expert in digital piracy and online counterfeiting and currently Director of Piracy and Counterfeit Analysis at NetNames. David has well over a decade of specialist experience working with companies seeking to understand the advantages and dangers of internet technologies. He designs research solutions and provides client-focused analysis that addresses the specific needs of content and technology companies.

David is a leading authority on the propagation and spread of digital piracy over time and across ecosystems, carefully analysing the underlying strategic reasons for specific instances of piracy and demonstrating how they came to be and – just as importantly for content owners – where they are heading in the future. David’s work (such as the groundbreaking reports ‘Estimate of Infringing Use of the Internet’ and ‘Sizing the piracy universe’) has been discussed in hundreds of publications, cited in Senate hearings, and his technical expertise is often used in legal cases. He is a frequent contributor to relevant topics in the media.

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