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Google v. Oracle VII: Google’s Gaslight Defense, A Lesson From the Age of Melodrama

Google and its supporting amici rely substantially on painting a landscape of a contemporary software industry that is highly dependent on what they describe as […]

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Google v. Oracle VI: Google’s Distract, Divide, and Conquer Strategy

As proceedings in Google v. Oracle were delayed by the coronavirus, I also paused writing about the case, but now that oral arguments are scheduled […]

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DMCA HEARING IV – Contemplating Fair Use

With the first three DMCA review hearings before the Senate Subcommittee on IP, it was fairly easy to identify the salient matters most likely to […]

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Social Platforms Discover Neutrality is Not an Option

Social media platforms were practically designed to foster whataboutism. So, we should hardly be surprised that this lazy form of erroneous reasoning dominates so much […]

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Thank You, Christopher Dickey

Yesterday, the world lost one of the great journalists, and great human beings, who have shaped our thinking in the last half century. American correspondent […]

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