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The Mask of Zuckerberg’s Zeal

Right after Mark Zuckerberg delivered his 40-minute address at Georgetown University on October 17, articulating his views on the speech right and the role of […]

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CASE Act noise gets louder. And sillier.

After the CASE Act passed the House (410-6) on October 22 and moved onto the Senate, the various groups opposed to this copyright small-claim bill […]

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No, Mike, it’s that you’re just wrong about the CASE Act.

I had to stop myself from responding on Twitter to Masnick’s comments about the CASE Act because I do not like to devolve to pure […]

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Reviewing the Basics of the CASE Act

This week, the Copyright Alternative in Small-Claim Enforcement (CASE Act) will very likely pass the House.  Like a quiet tidepool of bipartisanship in otherwise raging waters, […]

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Carrie Goldberg’s “Nobody’s Victim”: Cyber-Policy is Not an Abstraction

During an exchange on this blog in 2014 with an individual named Anonymous—it must have been a very popular baby name at some point—I was […]

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