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Spotify Still Wrangling with Songwriter Royalties

On January 8 of this year, The Trichordist ran a story that the Huffington Post apparently rejected in which indie musician Blake Morgan describes a […]

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Might As Well Be Bots

So, I don’t engage very often via Twitter, but once in a while, I respond to something that catches my attention and then usually regret […]

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Another Inscrutable Attack on Copyright by CCIA 

In a blog post last week for Project DiSCO (of the CCIA), Jonathan Band uses less-than-subtle sleight of hand to conflate the potential business implications […]

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YouTube’s Tactics Re. Article 13 Are the Real Concern

When a media conglomerate is the subject of a news story, we expect the news organization owned by the parent company to acknowledge that relationship […]

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Counterfeits, Copyrights, and Digital Dysfunction

Now that the holiday shopping season is officially underway, it seems like a good time to talk about counterfeit products; and it may surprise some […]

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