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Skin in the Game: World IP Day 2019

The theme of year’s World IP Day celebration is sports.  And although I’ve never been what you might call a major sports fan, it does […]

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Required Viewing: Carole Cadwalladr on Facebook, Brexit, and the Destruction of Democracy

Remember when it was considered axiomatic to call the internet is the greatest gift to democracy in history? Not so much …

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When Fair Use Threatens the Derivative Works Right

At the same AI and copyright round-table referred to in my last post, Stephen Carlisle of Nova Southeastern University posed this question:  Is the application […]

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machine reading

Is “Machine Learning” Copying or Reading?

I recently attended a round-table discussion on the subject of artificial intelligence and copyright.  The first of several engaging topics I thought warranted a post […]

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Milton Never Said a Damn Thing About the Internet

I’ve been traveling and am, therefore, late to mention that the hotly-contested EU Copyright Directive passed last week.  Not surprisingly, the usual critics have spared […]

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