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Busy Copyright Week Update

Though most people can be forgiven for missing it, two Supreme Court Decisions and a District Court granting a motion for summary judgment made a […]

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The Internet is Not (and never was) Paradise

I was reading an editorial the other day written by Stephen Witt for NPR shortly after the passing of John Parry Barlow in 2018; and […]

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Fair Use Week Again. But Why?

Well, it’s Fair Use Week again.  Sixth annual.  I suppose one must say something.  Though what I really want to say is Why?  What exactly […]

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Maybe the Internet IS Just a Dumb Pipe

“Content is king” was the catch-phrase of the 1990s and the heady (headless really) days of the Dot Com bubble.  And although that stopped being […]

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Can U.S. States Infringe Copyrights with Impunity?

If the Supreme Court agrees to hear Allen v. Cooper, copyright owners and constitutional scholars will both be watching closely.  The practical matter for copyright […]

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