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Mach (digital) Tuck?

Not long after I wrote a post suggesting there is little difference between naive human engagement and bot engagement on policy issues, a couple of […]

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Are You Having a Public Domain Party This Year?

Should auld creative works be forgot,And never brought to mind? There may be any number of reasons to feel anxious about the coming year, but […]

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Techdirt Dissembles on FOSTA in Rebuke of Kristof

In a recent post on Techdirt, Mike Masnick calls columnist Nicholas Kristof a hypocrite based on a narrative Masnick just plain made up.  On December […]

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Internet Platforms Above the Law?

Silicon Valley may have done ‘bare minimum’ to help Russia investigation, Senate Intel Committee told …  That headline from CNN, and which was echoed in […]

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Second Circuit Rules Against ReDigi in Major Decision

VidAngel.  TVEyes.  ReDigi.   Copyright interests might view these enterprises as the unholy trinity of tech ventures that have attempted in recent years to strain […]

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