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How to Avoid Copyright Infringement

After the CASE Act passed the Senate Judiciary Committee* on Thursday last week, the critics hit “Publish” on the blogs they had written with the […]

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EFF Sides With Goliath (again) in Opposition to CASE Act

Now that the bill creating a small claim provision for independent authors of works is making progress in Congress, EFF has pivoted to its standard […]

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NYT tech editor Jeong sticking copyright criticism where it doesn’t belong.

Holy whiplash segues, Batman.  There I was reading a perfectly interesting article by Sarah Jeong on the potential hazards of selling one’s personal data, when […]

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Really, Cory? Then how the hell did we get to now?

“One of the reasons Hamilton found the word democracy so offensive was because he realized that the vast majority of American citizens had not the dimmest […]

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Petitioner Asks SCOTUS to Hear ReDigi Case

A new business called OmniQ has filed an amicus brief urging the Supreme Court to grant cert in ReDegi v. Capitol Records, alleging that the Second […]

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