AdlandTV Schools GoldieBlox

Adland.TV pulls no punches with its headline Goldieblox:  erasing the line between “disruptive” and “douchebaggery.”  Not only does the article that follows blast the toy company for its failed attempted to use legal controversy to gin up a little pre-Christmas marketing, it also justifiably takes aim at the overvaluation of the notion of disruptiveness in these volatile days.  Yes, we all understand that throughout history, real disruption through technological, or even philosophical, transformation will invariably trample those stranded in old paradigms as it simultaneously seeds new prosperity for those born into, or able to adapt to, the new.  That said, is every entrepreneur out there legitimately disruptive, or is this just one of the buzzwords of our times the way edgy was in the early 90s?  Not everything new is disruptive, and to the the author of this post’s point GoldieBlox’s is being disruptive not in the historical sense so much as in that way that used to get your parents called in to talk to the teacher.

“It takes a special kind of hubris to so sincerely believe that rules are there to be broken and that controversy can be tamed to sell [product]. It’s advertising hubris.”

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