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Internet Platforms Above the Law?

Silicon Valley may have done ‘bare minimum’ to help Russia investigation, Senate Intel Committee told …  That headline from CNN, and which was echoed in […]

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Second Circuit Rules Against ReDigi in Major Decision

VidAngel.  TVEyes.  ReDigi.   Copyright interests might view these enterprises as the unholy trinity of tech ventures that have attempted in recent years to strain […]

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Spotify Still Wrangling with Songwriter Royalties

On January 8 of this year, The Trichordist ran a story that the Huffington Post apparently rejected in which indie musician Blake Morgan describes a […]

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Might As Well Be Bots

So, I don’t engage very often via Twitter, but once in a while, I respond to something that catches my attention and then usually regret […]

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Another Inscrutable Attack on Copyright by CCIA 

In a blog post last week for Project DiSCO (of the CCIA), Jonathan Band uses less-than-subtle sleight of hand to conflate the potential business implications […]

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