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Brammer Appeals Unsound Ruling in Otherwise Simple Copyright Case

In June, I wrote about the deeply flawed ruling in Brammer v. Violent Hues after the District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia handed […]

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Walt Whitman Championed Democracy and Fought for Copyright – Part I

(This post was first published as part of Copyright Alliance’s Secret History of Copyright Series) “Publishers move without concert, harmony, or agreement. There is no law […]

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Graham v. Prince or Art v. Fair Use

Richard Prince is one of the most reviled names in the worlds of photography and copyright.  This is because his career and notoriety are built […]

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You’re Watching Too Much TV—All Because of Copyright!

An editorial appeared in The Hill written by Martin Skladany, associate professor of law at Penn State.  Titled To curb dangers of media consumption, let’s […]

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Libido for Dystopia:  A Response to “The Second Digital Disruption” – Part II

In Part I of this response to Raustiala and Sprigman’s paper, I contend that the authors place too much emphasis on the porn industry (namely […]

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