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I really shouldn’t Google myself with a mouthful of coffee because spit-takes are bad for computers. Until this morning, I had no idea that a guest post I wrote back in June inspired the top-ranked offering TechDirt considered among the “funniest and most insightful comments of the week.” But I have to agree with Mike Masnick that, when it comes to both humor and insight, the following does indeed represent the paragon to be found on his blog:

*walks up to the podium, a small amount of feedback echoes across the loudspeakers* Mr. Newhoff, on behalf of “My People”… GO FUCK YOURSELF. I’d say something eloquent, but GO FUCK YOURSELF says so much more. How DARE you try to equate copyright with the discrimination “My People” face on a daily fucking basis. How dare you try to frame your pathetic argument that the bad people are stealing from you when my people are regularly discriminated against, beaten, and murdered. Fuck you, Fuck your shilling, Fuck the lobbyist asswipes you shill for. As soon as I can get married and not have to keep looking over my shoulder wondering if this might be the next bigoted asshole to beat the shit out of me we can discuss copyright. Until then… GO FUCK YOURSELF. *drops microphone and walks off stage*

This insightful and funny commenter, Anonymous Coward, was responding to a poor interpretation of this piece I had written on what I perceive as a preposterous assertion that copyright is antithetical to free speech.  It’s not clear whether or not Mr. Coward actually read my post or only read Tim Geigner’s purposely inflammatory response to it, but it is certainly my opinion that nobody is reading very carefully over there.  I leave it to you to decide.

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  • Hmm, then I decide two things:

    1. “Purposefully inflammatory response”: Quick! I believe you forgot to jump at that shadow behind you!

    2. But as long as we’re discussing folks not reading well, “i have to agree with mike masnick that, when it comes to both humor and insight, the following does indeed represent the paragon to be found on his blog” is a fantastic example of you not understanding what you’re commenting on. Mike didn’t pick that comment as “insightful”, the community at Techdirt did. If his language offends you, so be it, but your conflation of two totally unrelated issues offended some folks.

    Finally, you should probably NEVER Google yourself no matter what. I’m pretty sure that’s called narcissism….

    • Whatever floats the community’s boat. I don’t flinch at language. If that’s what passes for insightful and funny over there, who am I to say? That’s why there are different flavors of ice cream. Beyond that, I’ll let readers decide if I’ve unreasonably conflated two issues or if the premise that copyright threatens free speech is as dumb an idea as saying same sex marriage threatens the freedom of religion. They sound like equally stupid interpretations of the First Amendment to me, but then that’s my flavor of ice cream. Thanks for commenting.

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