Flipping the Narrative on the Effects of Social Media

Many years ago while still in college, I was on the train to New York City—a beautiful ride along the eastern banks of the Hudson […]

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Zeynep Tufekci on how the idealism of social media went wrong

In a new, must-read article at MIT Technology review, Professor Zeynep Tufekci at the the University of North Carolina describes How social media took us […]

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Really, DON’T Believe Anything You See on the Internet

When that cliché first entered our consciousness, it wasn’t really fair. The internet between the mid-90s and the mid-aughts wasn’t what it is today. It […]

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America is a Creative Expression

Image by miflippo This past July 4th, NPR posted the Declaration of Independence in a series of 113 consecutive tweets; and in response, a number of […]

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Public protest.

A Broader View of Packingham SCOTUS Decision

Photo by wellphoto My last post focused narrowly on responding to assertions that the Supreme Court decision in Packingham casts doubt on the constitutionality of DMCA […]

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