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Techno Utopians II – Culture

If we define culture in the context of pro-piracy utopianism as described in Part I, then we’re really talking about movies, TV shows, music, and fiction literature. […]

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Techno-Utopians Part I: Information

The defenders of online piracy (the polite ones anyway) often paint a vision of a future that, on paper, sounds very attractive indeed.  This, from […]

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In Defense of (a little) Elitism

Imagine your diet will henceforth be determined by the tastes of a majority of American ten-year-olds.  This may sound as unlikely as it does unappetizing, […]

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Pink Slime Culture

Remember this stuff? What does it have to do with the arts in the digital age? This guest post on Copyright Alliance twisted some knickers over at […]

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Is copyright a threat to free speech?

This is a piece I wrote as a guest post for The Copyright Alliance. It got the folks over at TechDirt into a lather, but […]

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