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Muttering in the Rabbit Hole – The Right to Print Arms?

Rick Kelly, in this article on TechCrunch, takes techno-centric paranoia to the next level when he fires away at legislation nobody has yet proposed to […]

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Same as the Old Boss? (Audio Interview)

During the SOPA battle, I continually tried to argue that it was fine to distrust media conglomerates but that it was not rational to simultaneously […]

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Find a Real Cause

                    Let’s compare.  Both of these videos are technically marketing pieces. I would know as I’ve […]

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It’s Not About Big Labels

To those who comment unceasingly that copyright and anti-piracy efforts are exclusively about big labels and big studios, meet the owners of ESL.  This is […]

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Techno Utopians II – Culture

If we define culture in the context of pro-piracy utopianism as described in Part I, then we’re really talking about movies, TV shows, music, and fiction literature. […]

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