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It’s Always Amateur Hour in the Digital Age

When the 1991 Gulf War put CNN on the map, that was the beginning of the end.  Ted Turner’s experiment in 24 hour news had […]

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Whose Future Is It?

Compressorhead, the all-robot band that plays hits by AC/DC, Motorhead, and The Ramones, represents another step toward a technological future in which machines continue to […]

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Not All Change is Innovation

When a solid, honest business loses relevance due to changes in technology, then it can fairly be said to be a casualty of progress.  Such is the […]

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Scott Turow “The Slow Death of the American Author”

This op-ed that appeared in yesterday’s New York Times is easily one of the best pieces I’ve read on both the cultural and financial dangers […]

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Homeless in the Shadow of Google

Take a look at this story from Bill Moyers about the population of homeless in Silicon Valley. Granted there are homeless in every community, but as the […]

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