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Music Piracy More Common Among the Wealthy

When my wife and I were first starting out in Seattle, we both got retail jobs, and she worked in the Eddie Bauer basement where […]

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Why I’m not losing sleep over PRISM.

I’m probably about to anger a few friends, but I’ll state at the outset that of all the things I’m concerned about in this world […]

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Okay, I haven’t seen The Internship yet, and it’ll be a small miracle if I find the time.  Certainly if it were not for this blog, […]

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Look! More innovation!

There are few companies on the planet that can pony up a half-billion dollar fine for criminal behavior and shrug it off like an overpriced […]

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New models, huh?

In contemplating two of the film projects I’m currently writing, I told my wife that I’ve been thinking about embracing new models.  With raised eyebrows, […]

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