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We Have a RAT Problem Says DCA

“We the consumers are outgunned and outmanned. We don’t have the tools needed to protect ourselves.  While you are still better off having a 2013 anti-virus program, it won’t protect you against zero-day malware anymore than the polio vaccine will … Continue reading

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Zoë Keating Ponders YouTube Service

I have to direct readers’ attention to this blog post by composer and cellist Zoë Keating.  It is the clearest articulation I have yet read about the rock-and-hard-place terms demanded of artists who are considering participation in YouTube’s paid streaming service Music … Continue reading

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“More YouTube’s” My Foot

First of all, name if you can the serious competitors of any of the following: Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, eBay, Twitter, Google. Go back ten years, name the biggest sites on the web, and you might notice that some of those names are either gone or really … Continue reading

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New models, huh?

In contemplating two of the film projects I’m currently writing, I told my wife that I’ve been thinking about embracing new models.  With raised eyebrows, she demanded an explanation, and the more I tried to explain “new models” in the … Continue reading

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Major Publishers Aim to Compete with TV

I remember telling a corporate client years ago that over time websites would begin to be treated as niche TV channels. Video communications would complement or replace written word content, and static websites would give way first to the opportunity … Continue reading

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