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12 Things You Could Still Do If SOPA Had Passed

photo by tomasmikula Because today is the five-year anniversary of “Blackout Day,” the day millions of users were suckered into doing the internet industry’s bidding for no good reason, the always-relevant BuzzFeed offers us a missive published by the organization ReCreate … Continue reading

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Aurous has nothing to do with SOPA

The recording industry last week filed suit against a new music platform called Aurous.  With a Spotify-like interface, the app is designed to search, retrieve, and play music files, whether they’re stored on legal platforms or on BitTorrent sites around … Continue reading

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The Knights Who Say SOPA

At last count, the EFF has over 40 attorneys on staff* and lord only knows how many communications minions.  So, if this organization is going to maintain its loose relationship with reality, they might at least take a meeting and … Continue reading

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SOPA So what?

Did you hear the echo? This past weekend, as many people know (and even more people don’t), Saturday marked the two-year anniversary of the event known as SOPA Blackout Day.  In case you don’t remember it or missed it altogether, … Continue reading

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Conversation with Chris Ruen (Podcast)

Freeloading: How Our Insatiable Appetite for Free Content Starves Creativity In his new book, author Chris Ruen provides a glimpse into his personal transition from consumer of free media to advocate for artists’ rights and a more rational conversation about … Continue reading

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