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Disruption achieved.  What now?

Photo by michaklootwijk Returning to the generalization that the internet is the “best thing ever to happen to democracy,” I have to ask this:  if the proof of the pudding is in the eating, how do we like the soufflé so … Continue reading

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Would Bernie’s supporters let him take on Silicon Valley?

If Bernie Sanders became president and was then tough on the growing power of the Internet industry, would the progressives currently singing his praises still support him?  With this post, I am neither endorsing nor indicting the candidacy of Senator … Continue reading

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app shoot

So, if your teenager turns out to be a tech savant who builds an app that ranks in the top ten on iTunes, are you going to let him drop out of school to become an entrepreneur? About fifteen years … Continue reading

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Show Me the Innovation

Now that the very early stages of copyright reform are underway with preliminary hearings on Capitol Hill, I think it’s worth revisiting the question as to why the conversation is happening in the first place.  There are, of course, specific … Continue reading

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Homeless in the Shadow of Google

Take a look at this story from Bill Moyers about the population of homeless in Silicon Valley. Granted there are homeless in every community, but as the segment suggests, this region can be fairly described as a microcosm of the United States … Continue reading

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