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Privacy-ish Concerns

This week, I paid a small fortune to have the instrument cluster replaced on my car, and the mechanic, sympathizing as I wincingly wrote out the check, said, “The days of mechanical failures are over.” By this he was of … Continue reading

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So Full of Schmidt

Google CEO Eric Schmidt has been rightly taken to task in this Vanity Fair article by Alyssa Bereznak for his recent declaration of outrage that the NSA has been spying on his company.  The collective spit-take could be heard clearly around … Continue reading

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Why I’m not losing sleep over PRISM.

I’m probably about to anger a few friends, but I’ll state at the outset that of all the things I’m concerned about in this world (and there are many), the PRISM program doesn’t even get on my radar.  No, I … Continue reading

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