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EFF Manufacturing Scandal in the Service of Google

On October 25, four days after the unprecedented removal of the Register of Copyrights from her office, the Electronic Frontier Foundation released a post on its Deeplinks Blog asserting rather stridently that the Copyright Office never would have reviewed the … Continue reading

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Box Office Revenues Say Little About Piracy

Once again the MPAA has announced a profitable year for American motion pictures, and once again some of the usual suspects have seized upon this announcement to declare the studios hypocrites for ever saying that piracy causes real harm to … Continue reading

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What Exactly Does the EFF Want?

As stated in my post announcing a voluntary agreement between MPAA and domain-name service Donuts, both rights holders and digital rights proponents should applaud this kind of B2B approach to mitigating online piracy.  That doesn’t mean I thought the latter … Continue reading

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MPAA Forges Voluntary Anti-Piracy Agreement with Donuts

We’re about to start seeing a lot more diversity in web names.  With its slogan “welcome to the not com revolution”, the Bellevue, Washington based Donuts is the largest provider of new domain name registrations with uniqe extensions that offer … Continue reading

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Studios Launch WheretoWatch Service

I don’t know about you, but I have more channels and streaming options for filmed entertainment than I can possibly use.  I don’t do a lot of browsing anymore, which is probably best since in 2013 alone, American consumers legally … Continue reading

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