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FCC Set-Top Box Proposal Is About Copyright

Let’s clear one thing up right off the bat. Consumers are not entitled to high-quality TV programming.  It’s a business. If that business doesn’t make sense, the shows won’t be produced. I know that seems obvious, but as with so … Continue reading

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What Exactly Does the EFF Want?

As stated in my post announcing a voluntary agreement between MPAA and domain-name service Donuts, both rights holders and digital rights proponents should applaud this kind of B2B approach to mitigating online piracy.  That doesn’t mean I thought the latter … Continue reading

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The Knights Who Say SOPA

At last count, the EFF has over 40 attorneys on staff* and lord only knows how many communications minions.  So, if this organization is going to maintain its loose relationship with reality, they might at least take a meeting and … Continue reading

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