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DCA’s New Report on Enabling Malware

Andrew Orlowski reports at The Register that last week Google quietly suspended its legal action to “muzzle” an investigation by Mississippi Attorney General Hood into whether or not the search giant was abiding by the terms of its 2012, non-prosecutorial … Continue reading

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Piracy is increasingly hazardous, says Digital Citizens.

View image | gettyimages.com I imagine most people, whether they’re users of pirate sites or not, haven’t paid much attention to the growing number of safety warnings associating content theft with identity theft and related crimes against consumers.  For one … Continue reading

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We Have a RAT Problem Says DCA

“We the consumers are outgunned and outmanned. We don’t have the tools needed to protect ourselves.  While you are still better off having a 2013 anti-virus program, it won’t protect you against zero-day malware anymore than the polio vaccine will … Continue reading

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Guess who the real victims of piracy are…

People like to tell themselves and others that piracy of entertainment media is a victimless crime, by which they typically mean that their one little download of a major motion picture doesn’t hurt anyone when the studio that produced said … Continue reading

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