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EFF Petition Language Used in Fake Emails to the FCC

Photo by Elnur It’s depressing how often one reads news that makes the United States seem as though we’re reliving the 19th century rather than an enlightened 21st.  With that comment, you might think I’m referring to the current administration (and … Continue reading

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Net Neutrality Fight Brews

Composite sources by zmiter & maximmmmum When the President of the United States disses fundamentals from climate science to the separation of powers, it is admittedly a very difficult time to debate any issue outside the gravitational pull of so much regressive momentum. … Continue reading

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ISP privacy rules. What’s next is what matters.

Photo by onephoto If we merely politicize the issue of privacy, we’ll never have any. When my first kid was born, I didn’t even have an internet account yet.  But somehow, multiple advertisers knew that there was a new baby because we were … Continue reading

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How Bad is the FCC Pause on Privacy Rules?

Photo by kentoh By now, you may have encountered a handful of headlines stating that the new, Trump-appointed FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has temporarily halted new privacy rules passed under Obama’s Chairman Tom Wheeler.  As a general takeaway, you’re also likely … Continue reading

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EFF Manufacturing Scandal in the Service of Google

On October 25, four days after the unprecedented removal of the Register of Copyrights from her office, the Electronic Frontier Foundation released a post on its Deeplinks Blog asserting rather stridently that the Copyright Office never would have reviewed the … Continue reading

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