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Prison for password sharing? Not likely.

After a ruling by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, a number of blogs and articles appeared with headlines announcing that it is now a federal crime if, for instance, your kid uses your Netflix password.  While that kind of headline … Continue reading

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EFF Launches New TPP Infographic

So, this week, the Electronic Frontier Foundation launched its new infographic (stress on graphic) still pitching the idea that it is the IP provisions in the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement that are of the gravest concern.  The EFF states on their site that … Continue reading

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What Exactly Does the EFF Want?

As stated in my post announcing a voluntary agreement between MPAA and domain-name service Donuts, both rights holders and digital rights proponents should applaud this kind of B2B approach to mitigating online piracy.  That doesn’t mean I thought the latter … Continue reading

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How to Protect Your Digital Rights from the TPP

By now, you know that the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)—a really big-ass global trade agreement among twelve nations including the United States—is at this point pending delivery to Congress for debate and presumptive ratification.  And this means we can expect to … Continue reading

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Google et al Seek Ruling with Fair Use Axe to Grind

What do a bunch of puppies, a pretty woman, a dancing baby, Demi Moore, some Rastafarians, and 20 million books all have in common?  They all refer to prominent, copyright-related cases* from which a content creator could—if he has nothing … Continue reading

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