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Choice Words & The Right to Choose

Announcement of the Copyright Alert System just over a week ago brought some new readers to this blog, and among these was one who was […]

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New Reports on Piracy

The Wall Street Journal this week offers two interesting articles about online piracy of entertainment media.  In this piece by Christopher S. Stewart, we get […]

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Why is it either/or? Amanda Palmer’s TED Talk

I watched this Amanda Palmer TED Talk “The Art of Asking” over the weekend and  found it both remarkable and inspiring.  Her frankness and humanity […]

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Another Must Read

Thanks to a regular reader for linking to this article in Scientific American.  Were I to stop writing this blog today, this would not be […]

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Probable Causes

In his book At Home, Bill Bryson describes how the English clergy system, through the 18th and 19th centuries produced a local renaissance in the […]

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